Crisis of Blog

Oh dear, how very boring, look away now, I’m having an introspective moment, and this is a post about posting.

The problem is I’m torn between last year’s lofty ambition to begin a blog with a much stronger sense of coherent identity than I’ve managed in the past, and the fact that I am a hopelessly undisciplined blogger.

More charitably: blogging is supposed to be fun (isn’t it?) and I found that my self-imposed focus on one topic alone – even such a vast and varied one as US politics, and in an election year! – was starting to feel a little stifling.

And from an even more boring (boringly practical) point of view switching between two blogs all the time is still, however easy WordPress tries to make it, a pain in the bum for those of us who like things neat and tidy.

So: sod it, I’m still a Wannabe Yank, no doubt about it, but I’m going to post about whatever the hell I like. US politics and books, basically. And maybe a little music. YouTune, that was fun.


One Response to Crisis of Blog

  1. […] blog is now dormant. For reasons explained here I have collapsed all of my blogging activity into one. Share this:TwitterLike this:LikeBe the first […]

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