I blame the parents…

Random one this – as in no link at all to US politics or books, the two principal topics of this blog – but  I couldn’t resist posting the extract below, from a Guardian article about yummy mummies written by a waitress who has ample firsthand experience of dealing with them (and who is, as you’ll see if you read the full thing, impressively balanced in her verdict).

As a former resident of Crouch End – one of the absolute bastions of this kind of parental indiscipline – I found myself nodding vigorously and thinking how many times I’ve also seen and thought similarly about this kind of thing:

This leads us to behaviour. As a child, if I had even dared to scream in public, I would have been told off severely. Every time we entered a shop, my siblings and I dutifully held our hands behind our backs so as not to touch anything. Yummy mummies apparently are big fans of letting their children “find themselves”, which includes allowing them to scream at loud volume and touching everything in sight (especially cakes and pastries).


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