See you in 2016

November 8, 2013

For reasons partially explained here, I’m moving my blogging efforts – paltry as they may be – back here until, that is, the time comes to choose again…


Crisis of Blog

April 13, 2012

Oh dear, how very boring, look away now, I’m having an introspective moment, and this is a post about posting.

The problem is I’m torn between last year’s lofty ambition to begin a blog with a much stronger sense of coherent identity than I’ve managed in the past, and the fact that I am a hopelessly undisciplined blogger.

More charitably: blogging is supposed to be fun (isn’t it?) and I found that my self-imposed focus on one topic alone – even such a vast and varied one as US politics, and in an election year! – was starting to feel a little stifling.

And from an even more boring (boringly practical) point of view switching between two blogs all the time is still, however easy WordPress tries to make it, a pain in the bum for those of us who like things neat and tidy.

So: sod it, I’m still a Wannabe Yank, no doubt about it, but I’m going to post about whatever the hell I like. US politics and books, basically. And maybe a little music. YouTune, that was fun.

A statement of intent…

October 7, 2011

When 2011 is done, I shall be shifting my blogging energies in the direction of Wannabe Yank, a new site devoted to the satisfaction of my lifelong fascination with all things United, Stately and political. And 2012 seems rather fitting as apparently there’s a humdinger of an election on the cards…

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